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Welcome to Digitalindiaportal.Org This website has provided you with all the facilities in digital form online friends as you know that now all documents and documents registration has been made online by India Friends, this is a very big campaign of the Government of India. Which has brought a lot of relief to the public.

In this website you will get all the information related to Digital India and in this website you will be given full information about any type of government registration. This website wholeheartedly welcomes Digital India and this website aims to Digital India One type of promotion is.

What benefits will you get from

  • Complete information about new and old government registrations.
  • Full information related to Aadhar card.PAN card
  • Complete information about various types of schemes launched by the government.
  • Complete information about GST registration.
  • Information about employment drawn by the Government of India.

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[email protected]